Design & Build

Design & Build

We'll Bring your idea's & Vision to Life !

At Freshseal Limited, we listen to you.

No two commercial kitchen remodels are the same because no two catering business are the same.

Our goal is not to build a kitchen. Our goal is to build your kitchen. Give us your idea's & vision's, and we’ll make it happen.

We understand specialty design and build projects. That's why we get into such detail before the project begins. We bring ideas to make your kitchen more more functional. We can add all of the amazing features like under cabinet lighting, roll-out cabinets, built-in space racks, a built-in cutting board with knives, utensils and more right at your fingertips! From cabinets to countertops, your options are endless and we'll help you find the ones that are perfect for your kitchen remodel.

    cafe kitchen design - coffee shop kitchen design
   restaurant kitchen design
   pizza restaurant design
   hotel kitchen design
   pub kitchen design

By working together with you through the complete process, from initial brief, design and planning, through catering equipment manufacture to installation, commissioning and training of equipment use, Freshseal limited design consultants will ensure you get the kitchen that is right for you.

   Drawings and 3D Visual  presentations

   Site survey

   Free initial consultancy in order to establish your needs and requirements.

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